Clear Choice Sub-Solution 2020 Comprehensive Review

Clear Choice Sub-Solution came into existence in 2003. Since its inception to the synthetic urine industry, the product has always maintained its top position. Just like other synthetic urine brands, Clear Choice Sub-Solution has had its ups and downs. Some brands are consistent in their development while others go through curves and turn throughout their existence. 

The stakes of passing any drug test are always high. Testing positive in a drug test can render you jobless or your hurt image immeasurably. Regardless of what you want, synthetic urine for; you expect to invest in a product that works 100% as needed.

Many manufacturers are getting into this sphere without minding about the effects their products have on the end-users. That is why we review some of these products to give innocent shoppers like you a genuine and neutral opinion based on our experience. 

In this review, you will be able to apprehend if Clear Choice Sub Solution is worth purchasing or not. Read on.

Clear Choice Sub-Solution Details

Clear Choice Sub Solution is a typical synthetic urine product that tries to mimic natural urine. A perfect solution should have similar chemical and physical characteristics as real human urine. Regardless of how the developers mimic real urine, there cannot be an ideal product as no one can mimic other aspects like DNA. 

However, there are essential components that a standard sample should have to pass a test. The clear Choice synthetic sample is quite different from most products because it comes in powder form. It is imperative to rely on the comments given by the so-called “users,” but you should be aware that some are computer generated and others are paid for. Therefore, do not get fooled by the comments you see online. 

Brands that have had genuine positive and negative reviews include Clear Choice, Quick Fix, and maybe a few other products. In most cases, the components of a pre-mixed urine sample separate over time. With powdered urine, the risk is not as huge as in pre-mixed synthetic urine samples. Also, with Clear Choice, you have the liberty to make a perfect solution by yourself.

What are the Ingredients of Clear Choice?

Clear choice sub solution synthetic urine has a sum of eleven ingredients. The main elements are uric acid and urea. Other subordinate chemical compounds help in balancing the pH, gravity, and creatinine levels. Also, they facilitate the activation of heat in the artificial urine sample. 

Most professional urinalysis labs check for uric acid and urea. Luckily, Clear Choice has both ingredients, and this renders it a perfect product for passing a drug test. Human pee has both components, and this will fool the drug test administrators. 

However, passing a drug test is not guaranteed if you do not heed to the instructions properly. So how do you use the Clear Choice Sub solution? We will dig into that in the following sections, but let first check out what is in the Clear Choice Kit.

What is Inside the Clear Choice Sub Solution Kit?

After delivery of the kit, some get surprised that Clear Choice Sub Solution is powdered rather than pre-mixed. Here are the reasons for this:

  1. To increase the product’s shelf-life. Most pre-mixed products expire after 12 months from the manufacturing date. You have probably seen comments on failed tests online. The leading cause is that people purchase solutions that are already gone past the expiry date. Do not buy from platforms like eBay because most of their items are past their shelf life. The best way to deal with this problem is to invest in powdered artificial urine.
  2. Reduces urine contaminations, which mess most people’s lives.

Apart from the powdered urine, the Clear Choice kit comes with a plastic mixing container for preparing the final sample. The kit comes with a heat activator, which helps to increase the synthetic urine’s temperature to an optimum level (94 – 98F). This helps to make the administrator believe that the sample is fresh from your body.

Another essential add-on in the kit is the temperature strip. It has clear labeling and is easy to read. Avoid placing it in between your skin and the carrier. This could lead to false readings. Finally, you will get the set of instructions that will guide you on the preparation, preservation, heating, and submission of the Solution.

Read all instructions Before Proceeding.

Remove the screw cap and fill the container with lukewarm clean water. The water should not be too hot or too cold for better results. Avoid:

  • Disposing of the cap
  • Opening the synthetic sample vial before you are set to use it
  • Opening the heat activator vial before it is ready for use

 Add all the sample vial contents to water in the mixing container. Screwcap the bottle and then shake the container gently until all the powder dissolves to make a uniform solution. After mixing the urine powder with water, it can stay up to six hours prior to use.

Heat activator powder’s sole purpose is to warm the sample to reach the body temperature. You can skip using the heat activator powder if you confirm that the temperature of the Solution ranges between 94°F and 102°F (as indicated in green).

Important Reminders:

  • Avoid putting the temperature strip next to your body when concealing the urine container because you will end up making false temperature readings.
  • For easy pouring, tap the sample vial against a solid surface to break down any present clumps. Make sure you are aware of the amount of heat activator you will be using to evade overheating the sample. If the temperature of the solution is below 88°F, add carefully 1/3 of your clear choice heat activator. If it is ranging between 88°F and 92°F, then add only 1/4 of Clear Choice heat activator. And if the temperature strip reads above 102°F, you should allow the Solution to cool to the optimal range (98°F to 102°F as indicated in green).
  1. After using the heat activator powder, ensure that you shake it gently so that all the granules dissolve. This may take at most 30 seconds.
  2. Once you confirm the temperature of the Clear Choice sub solution, flip the cap spout and pour it to the sample cup. Submit the sample and stay calm as you wait for the test results. 

What Makes Clear Choice Reliable?

Clear Choice sub solution is an improved product that factors all dimensions of passing any drug test in a professional lab. The manufacturers of this product are always improving this product to get rid of all avoidable flaws that cost stoners like you.

Most synthetic urine products do not have uric acid, urea, and creatinine. These are important compounds that most drug test administrators look out for nowadays. Another property of Clear Choice that makes it stand out is the method involved in preparing the powder. Clear Choice has effectively succeeded in setting its formulation in powder form, unlike most brands. Having powdered urine has more benefits than having pre-mixed synthetic urine. Other things that make Clear Choice sub solution a superior brand in the market include:

  •  100% effective
  • Balanced pH, gravity, and creatinine levels.
  • Has a standard-sized container
  • Toxin-free artificial urine
  • Biocide-free
  • The ideal heat source and an accurate temperature strip
  • Unisex (both men and women can use)
  • Works for all types of drug tests
  • Totally undetectable

 The Best Place to Purchase Clear Choice Sub Solution

Clear Choice Sub Solution is in demand because of its appealing success rate in recent times. It is, therefore, easily available in most retailers and third-party online stores. It is imperative to get it from the official store because some resellers are now distributing gimmicks, which taint the name of this brand. Some fraudsters do not even deliver the product. Once you place an order, they disappear. You should be aware of these rogue stores if you want to get the most of the Clear Choice Sub Solution.

Make sure you purchase the real-deal urine that is not interfered with by anyone. You can find Clear Choice Sub Solution even on famous platforms like eBay or Craigslist, but most of them are unreliable. Getting original Clear Choice Sub Solution from manufacturers guarantees more than what third-party sellers can do. Also, the shopping experience is stress-free and safe when you buy Clear Choice Sub Solution synthetic urine from the manufacturer. 

Does Clear Choice Sub Solution work?

Yes, Clear Choice Sub Solution works! Most legit customer Sub-Solution reviews show that this product has a high success rate just like Quick Fix synthetic urine and other few top brands. So you can confidently order yours today and pass a drug test as you keep on living your normal stoning life. If you still doubt the product, you can buy it from the official store and do the test on your own. This will also enable you to gain confidence as you walk to the testing facility. Do not take any chances because testing positive in a drug test could set you to harsh consequences. 

Many brands start correctly, and once they win the trust of the masses, they starting making substandard products. This is different from Clear Choice Sub Solution because, for more than 15 years, they have managed to stay consistent with the quality they put out there.

The cost of Clear Choice Sub Solution

The prices do vary from time to time. Different resellers vend Clear Choice Sub Solution at varied prices. The standard prices are on the manufacturer’s official online store. Currently, the cost of the Clear Choice Sub Solution is around $75. The price is evidently twice or thrice the cost of other products. The reason for this is because Clear Choice Sub Solution works, and they do not compromise with the quality. They understand the plight of stoners; thus, they make a product that is worth the set price. If passing the test is your only option, do not compromise the quality because of the cost.


Does Clear Choice Expire?

Yes, it does have an expiry date! However, powdered synthetic urine is the most reliable than liquid (pre-mixed) artificial urine. Clear Choice can take up to one year before it expires. Avoid using expired products because you will be busted during the drug test. The original clear Choice of powder urine has the expiry date on the label. Be sure to read the expiry date before even preparing the Solution. 

Can one Reuse the Clear Choice Sub Solution?

Yes, you can always reuse Clear Choice Sub Solution after you mix it as long as you keep it in a cool and dry place. Do not keep it more than six months after mixing it. If your job requires you to go for regular drug tests, you should invest in bulk clear choice urine powder for convenience.

Can you Refrigerate the Clear Choice Sub Solution?

Yes, you can keep it in a refrigerator if your test is postponed or something. Putting in the fridge is a great way to reduce evaporation of the Solution and also contamination because bacteria do not survive in extremely cool temperatures. However, you should avoid reheating it severally.

Does Clear Choice Sub Solution have a Foul Odor?

Yes, Clear Choice Sub Solution has a foul smell that is no different from real human piss. Any strong smell could raise the alarm, but clear Choice keeps it balanced.

Final Verdict

Honestly, Clear Choice Sub Solution synthetic urine is among the best brands right now on the market. You can as well go for Quick Luck, which is kind of an upgraded version of the clear choice Sub Solution. 

Although it is expensive than the most productive, it still delivers desirable results. Make sure to visit the manufacture’s official store for original products at the discounted process. You should also check out Quick Fix plus (spoiler alert), which has a more than 99% success rate. 

Quick Fix Plus and Clear Choice sub solution are among the few reliable pee products you can get on the market today. Use the two alternatively since one is powdered, and the other is pre-mixed (the clear Choice is in powder form while Quick fix is pre-mixed).