Magnum Detox synthetic urine 2020 Comprehensive Review

It is becoming hard for new fake urine buyers to find the best products online. This is because there are many available options out there. Many fake urine developers promote their products by only telling you what you want to hear. Not all these synthetic urine brands you see online work correctly. 

Most urinalysis administrators are aware of fake urine. They have, for that reason, come up with sophisticated ways of identifying real and fake urine. 

Some manufacturers do not master the art of making urine that can mimic the exact characteristics of human piss. 

Just like most synthetic urine brands, rogue reviewers are promoting substandard products without considering the damage they cause to the unnoticing buyers. Therefore, you need to be sober when choosing a synthetic urine brand to use in your next drug test. 

Top Synthetic Brands

It is good to consider top brands when buying for the first time. Some of the most sort after fake urine brands are Quick Fix, Magnum Detox, and UPass. 

This guide will particularly look into Magnum Detox synthetic urine and provide you with a substantial verdict on whether to buy it or not. So desist from worrying about the false online claims and opinions, because this guide will serve you with facts. Read on to make the right decision.

What is Magnum Detox synthetic urine?

Magnum Detox Synthetic urine is a well-known fake urine brand. It is a synthetic urine brand that commands the same respects as other top synthetic urine products like Upass, Quick Fix plus, and Xstream

The developers of Magnum Detox Synthetic urine claim that it is the finest “fetish” synthetic urine in the market currently. Even with the actual product batch validity, you cannot approve these claims until you get the feedback from the horse’s mouth. 

A decade ago, this brand was the topic when it came to the use of fake urine to pass drug tests. The narrative changed, and many reviewers say that it no longer works as it used to. There are mixed feedbacks from users where some say they failed while others say they passed the test. 

Does Magnum Detox Urine Have Uric Acid? 

Yes, Magnum Detox fake piss contains a significant amount of uric acid on the list of its elements. Apart from just having this component, each product should have the right concentration. If it is too high or low, the drug testing administrator will know you are trying to cheat. Of course Magnum Detox Synthetic urine kit comes with the following add-ons:

  • An ampoule of uric acid.
  • Heating pad.
  • A rubber band.

The product comes with uric acid because most labs look for the amount of it present in your pee. Natural urine contains elements like creatine, urea, and ammonia. All these components make uric acid a very significant constituent of urine. It has well come with a heating pad and a temperature strip to make heating of the sample easier.

The shelf life of Magnum Detox is about two years. And once you start using the uric acid, then you will have to use it all within a week. It goes bad after seven days if you start to use it. Therefore, do not use magnum detox’s uric acid until you are ready to use it.

How to Use Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine Properly

You can store Magnum Detox fake urine for only two years. When you add uric acid to the sample, you must use it within a week. Any use past seven days will bear you appalling results during a drug test. Below are the right steps to take when you want to present the product during a drug test exercise.

  1. First, shake up the magnum detox synthetic urine properly.
  2. Then heat your magnum detox synthetic urine for about 10 to 15 seconds. Just like other fake urine products, make sure the temperature ranges between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. You should aim at 94 -100°F because this is the range of temperature for a human piss. Always use the temperature strip to make the right temperature readings. After heating, ensure that you shake the fake urine thoroughly to spread the heat evenly.
  3. If the temperature strip does not register anything between 94 -100°F, that could mean you did not heat your magnum detox synthetic urine properly. If this happens to you, the developer recommends that you heat it against for the next five seconds at the high microwave. If that does not work either, then do not submit the sample because it is probably overheated. Overheating distorts the molecular structure of the components. You can still allow it to cool down until the strip spits out the precise reading.
  4. After heating the sample and getting the right temperature to shake-up again. Since the Magnum brand comes with add-ons to mix in with, you will have to make sure that nothing looks weird in your fake urine sample. Always submit a homogenous sample.
  5. Magnum Detox Synthetic urine comes with its heating pad. So when you are ready, shake up that heating pad to make it hot. After that, attach it to the cup carrying the solution. That heating pad should be working for 6 – 8 hours to maintain the temperature.
  6. When you get the urine sample cup to add uric acid which comes in a separate vial. Shake again and squeeze it out of the container to the sample cup. Again check the temperature and submit it for analysis. It is important to keep on checking the temperature because the administrator will first check the temperature the moment you submit.

Does Magnum Detox urine Pass a Lab Test?

Based on the overall reviews that users submit, Magnum Synthetic is a bit unreliable compared to a brand like Quick Fix synthetic urine. Essentially, you should make it the second option if you do not get a quick fix at the right time. That does not completely make this brand obsolete. The mixed reviews by users come along with the way they submit their samples. 

Some do not follow the right procedure hence the wrong results. Others submit a sample that they have not prepared properly in terms of uric acid addition and temperature measurement.

Most third-party lab scans show that the Magnum Detox sample from the official website is working correctly. Another problem with this brand is the ability to completely mimic pee after it goes bad or when diluted with another foreign substance. 

This type of synthetic urine was working a while ago, and the complaints were few compared to now. The reason is that the current magnum detox urine synthetic samples have more creatinine levels. Buying from an unofficial seller can put you in the position of testing positive in a drug test. Make sure you buy from the right retailer.

Are there reports of failed cases?

With Magnum Synthetic urine, there are quite a good number of online reports online that show failed tests. In most cases, when the users fail in the drug tests, they blame the manufacturer. This should not be the case since other factors could lead to a failed test. You need to be extra keen in the preparation of the sample to avoid undesirable results. 

You can always go for other alternatives if you think other people’s opinions weigh much on your final decisions. Essentially, several users have reported negatively about this brand, but more confirm it works.

Does magnum detox synthetic urine expire?

Yes, every type of synthetic urine has an expiry date. Magnum Detox Synthetic urine can last up to about two years. Make sure that you mix it when you are only about to submit it. Once you mix it, you do not store it for more than a week. Even with an airtight container, the water will evaporate, and the concentration levels will o high. The sample has a balance in all the components. 

Any increase in the concentrations creates suspicion, and this could be the main cause of many tests fails witnessed recently. Most rogue sellers supply unnoticing stoners with expired magnum detox synthetic urine. Be wary of this and buy use magnum detox synthetic urine from a reliable supplier.

Can you reheat Magnum Detox? 

Yes, it is possible. It is important to reheat Magnum Detox urine if it is not at the right temperature. Before you submit the urine for a drug test, ensure the temperature ranges between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, if you do not use the full sample, then you should reheat it later date for a different test. Make sure you avoid doing numerous reheating. Reheating several times can alter with the chemical concentration and even the structure of the components present. 

Moreover, make sure that the heat is not too much and if you are using a microwave reheat for at most 15 seconds. Do not put it in direct sunlight because you will distort its chemical composition as well. 

Can You Keep Magnum Detox Urine in the Refrigerator?

Yes, you can always keep Magnum Detox synthetic urine in your refrigerator. If you happen to open the bottle, you need to keep it in the fridge to avoid water evaporation. When water evaporates from the container, the concentration of components increases. This causes an alarm and one of the main reasons why most people fail in urinalysis.

So you should refrigerate the solution to make sure that it preserves the novelty of the chemical concentration that is important in passing a drug test. Note that even at room temperature, water in the solution can still evaporate when the bottle has been. Keeping your magnum detox synthetic urine in the refrigerator will help you to avoid failing the drug test. 

Can You use your Body heat to Maintain Magnum Detox Temperature?

Yes, this is the best way to deliver the sample without being caught. Also, the body can keep the warmth constant for some time. Men will need to keep it close to the body by placing it and the pants. Women should keep it close to the breasts. The body’s natural heat helps to keep Magnum Detox warm. Also, keeping Magnum Detox close to the body under the clothes is the best way to hide it from the drug testing administrator and other clinic staff. 

Does Magnum Detox Urine Smell Like Real Numan Urine?

Of course, Magnum Detox synthetic smells like the real natural human pee. This is water that makes this brand stand out from the rest. The smell is always a characteristic that administrators check out for when examining the urine sample. Without this smell, they could put aside the sample and try to determine if it is real or fake urine. If you buy Magnum Detox that does not have the smell as human urine, then it means it does not have the accurate concentration of both uric acid and urea.

Can you Buy Magnum Detox from Physical Stores?

Fortunately, you can always purchase Magnum Detox fake urine from certified physical stores. You should always be wary of imitators who will do anything to brand it just the same as the original. A counterfeit product will bring you troubles if the test involves losing your dream job or some legal altercations. It is good to buy from their official website to avoid buying counterfeit urine.


Overall, Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine is not 100% reliable in any urinalysis. However, buying from the official website has some security. This product works, but some still complain that it fails them. If you are desperate to pass a drug test, you can go for an alternative brand like quick fix plus urine.