P-sure Synthetic Urine 2020 Comprehensive Review

Urine tests have become an essential requirement for people looking for jobs in these tough economic times. Most employees are trying to cut off the jam by administering drug tests. As an avid stoner, you do not want to miss securing your dream job because of the insignificant THC in your body that does not even affect you. To beat a drug test, you need to use a reliable synthetic urine product.

Synthetic urine for an upcoming drug test is just one click away. All you need is some funds in your credit card and Wi-Fi. However, be careful about the brand and the seller. There are many synthetic urine products out there, but only a few works. One of the typical fake urine brands is P-Sure synthetic urine. And on this appraisal, we shall focus our scrutiny on P-Sure. For you to make a worthwhile purchase, you need to have the information. 

There is a significant division on P-Sure’s customer reviews. Some say it fails, while others claim that it works. In this review, we will provide a non-promotional and honest discussion about P-Sure for better decision-making.

Real Definition of P-Sure Synthetic Urine

P-Sure is a typical premixed artificial pee that copies human urine. This type of fake urine has a slightly yellow color, which imitates concentrated real human piss. P-Sure comprises of uric acid, specific proteins, and other salt compounds. 

It is also an affordable product that is getting more mixed outcomes. What does that tell us about P-Sure? Does it work? What are the ingredients of P-Sure? What are the best alternatives to P-Sure, if any? 

What is Inside P-Sure Synthetic Urine?

For a given brand to successfully imitate real human urine, they must have certain key ingredients. The main constituents that are also present in human pee are uric acid, urea, and creatinine. Nowadays, most administrators are aware of the use of fake urine. They are, therefore, advancing their techniques from time to time. Ingredients that are present in P-Sure fake urine are uric acid, creatinine, sodium phosphate, albumin powder, and sodium chloride.

 Despite having all these ingredients, P-Sure synthetic urine has pulled many drug users to the hot seat. Being a drug user in the corporate world could lead to harsh consequences, but getting caught cheating has even more repercussions. 

Earlier, P-Sure did not include urea in their product. This messed up many stoners. It not only messed up buyers but also harmed the name of the brand. It is hard to repair that mess now that there are even excellent products like Quick Luck, Sub Solution and Quick Fix Plus out there. 

 Most synthetic pee products almost contain pretty much the similar ingredients. So, in most cases, the ingredients that are present in other brands are also present in P-Sure. Nonetheless, here is a list of the ingredients that are present in P-Sure urine:

  • ​Potassium chloride
  • ​​Albumin powder
  • ​Sodium chloride
  • Sodium phosphate
  • ​Uric Acid 
  • Creatinine

Uric Acid in P-Sure

Uric acid is a component that most facilities are testing for in any urinalysis. It gives real urine its natural nature. P-sure synthetic urine contains the right concentration of uric acid as well. Your body makes uric acid while it breaks down the purines. It confirms that indeed, the sample is real deal urine. 

Most facilities check out for uric acid, temperature and sometimes the smell. If your pee does not have the accurate concentration of uric acid, specific gravity, and a balanced pH, it may get rejected. So, does P-Sure still get rejected? The answer is yes and no depending on the way you prepare it and the intensity of the analysis by the administrators.

How does P-Sure Urine Work?

A novel P-Sure solution comes with a bottle carrying the sample and a hand warmer. Always warm up the P-Sure solution in the microwave 6 hours before the test. To maintain the temperature of the P-Sure solution, you need to keep it close to your body. If it drops below 90 degrees Fahrenheit, use the hand warmer to regulate it.

The ideal temperature range is between 98°F – 102°F. Make sure you have a working temperature strip to help you make accurate measurements. P-Sure has a temperature gauge that could help you to submit a sample that is warm like real human pee. Always confirm the temperature of the sample before squirting it into the sample cup. Also, avoid putting the temperature strip between your body and the hand warmer. It may give you the wrong temperature readings. Unfortunately, some customers complain about the accuracy of the strip. If you doubt it, you can carry your own digital thermometer to avoid taking any chances.

Regulating the temperature of P-Sure urine

P-Sure artificial urine comes with a hand warmer and a temperature strip. You should warm up the P-Sure fake urine in your microwave before smuggling it into the drug testing facility.

Warming the sample from your home is more discreet than doing it somewhere else. You will not have to worry about the temperature dropping because the P-Sure comes with a hand warmer that helps in the regulation of the temperature. Once everything is set, use the temperature strip to confirm whether the fake urine is warm like human urine.

Can Stoners Trust P-Sure?

Remember that no urine product is 100% perfect. Even the superior brands like clear choice and quick fix have flaws even though they might seem insignificant. Passing a drug test requires one to follow the instructions carefully. Always keep an on the expiry date, ingredients, temperature, smell, and the pH. Most administrators evaluate these aspects to determine the legitimacy of the sample given to them. Therefore, when you follow the instructions of preparing P-Sure, you can surely pass a regular drug test at the job place. 

A balanced number of approvals and complaints are coming forth regarding P-Sure urine. The many reasons are usually poor stealth and temperature difference. If you want to try it by yourself, you can order P-Sure and carry the test from your home for assurance. Practicing will help you to avoid mistakes that most stoners make in the preparation stage.

Rogue Online Stores

Also, be wary of rogue online stores that purport to be selling genuine P-Sure synthetic urine. Make sure you get the novel P-Sure urine from reliable retailers so that you do not get scammed. Ultimately, P-Sure only works in necessary tests. If you are facing a simple drug test at your workplace, then you can go for P-Sure because it works and it is cheap. 

However, never risk using P-Sure in 10 -12-panel tests. You will fail terribly, and that will cause double consequences of being a drug user and cheating in a test. Therefore, use other alternatives like Quick Fix and Clear Choice fake urine products if you are going for intensely supervised tests.

What is wrong with P-Sure Synthetic urine?

For a fake pee brand successfully mimic human urine and fool the administrators, it must have certain key components. These components include uric acid, urea, creatinine, specific gravity, among others. There before most lab drug test administrators were unaware of the advancement of the fake urine industry. They never knew that some brands include all the artificial ingredients that are present in human urine. 

Today, the scrutiny done on the sample is vigorous, and it easy to catch someone who is trying to shark the test. Most brands have not adjusted, and this has put many people on the hotspot.

Missing Ingredients in P-sure Synthetic Urine

Now looking keenly at P-Sure, some ingredients are missing. They claim that both uric acid and urea are present in their product, but only uric acid is significant in the sample. It is now evident that most people fail in the drug test when using P-sure urine because of the absence of urea. Urea is an element that gives urine its authenticity. 

If it lacks in a fake urine solution, then definitely you are not going to pass that test whatsoever. Therefore, the main problem with P-Sure is that it does not include urea during the development process. Although they still claim that it is present, it might be that they only put in significant proportions of urea.

When Quick Fix didn’t contain urea, many stoners failed with it hence destroying the image of the brand. Later they started including it, and now it is one of the most reliable synthetic urine brands out there. P-sure seems, however, to be unaware of the importance of urea in the solution. 

So How do You Beat your Upcoming Test?

As the concerns about the faults of P-sure synthetic urine rise, they are working hard to make it a better product. Meanwhile, passing the test is a problem at hand. To solve it you have to go for a better solution. There are three main synthetic urine products that you can rely on. These products include Sub Solution, Quick Luck, and Quick Fix.

Sub-Solution powdered synthetic urine is a much more trustworthy synthetic urine option than most products on the market. This one can beat the laboratories that include very innovative methods analyzing the urine samples. Sub-Solution powdered synthetic urine has a more radical and reliable way of maintaining the temperature. So it better to go for Sub Solution even though it is quite costly. 

You can as well go for another product from the same Clear Choice brand known as Quick Luck. Quick luck is the same as Quick fix only that it has more ingredients. It is also premixed like Quick Fix. Quick luck can work perfectly in a 10 – 12-panel drug test. It comes with both a hand warmer and a heat activator powder. Make sure you buy from a reliable site if you want to avoid fraudsters and gimmicks.

How much does P-Sure cost?

If you are going on the recommendations or discern that your test does not involve checking of urea, then you should go for P-Sure. It is cheaper than most of the similar synthetic urine products on the market. 

Currently, you can get P-Sure from legit online stores for as low as thirty dollars. This is an average price for most of the medium standard products like this one. Make sure you buy from a store that is trustworthy and supplies original P-Sure urine. If you are not able to identify a legit online urine shop, then order from the official website.

Is P-Sure Reusable?

Yes, P-Sure is reusable as long as you keep it in a cool and place. A cool place ensures that there is no evaporation and no growth of bacteria. Also, avoid reheating P-Sure urine more often because it may distort the chemical structures of the components. It can also increase the concentration of the sample, which will create suspicion.

P-Sure in stores

P-sure synthetic urine cannot be found in local stores unless it is just a gimmick. Most synthetic urine products are online. You can only order P-Sure from the official store and other reliable online resellers. There are many fake P-Sure products on the internet, so be careful about the store you buy from.

Final notes

P-Sure synthetic urine could work or fail you at the same time. The main shortcoming with P-Sure is that it lacks urea. Since most drug test administrators lookout for urea nowadays, it is essential for every product to have it. Using P-Sure in an intensive drug test environment will be disastrous. However, if you know that your facility does not check out for urea, you can go on and use it.  

Also, the temperature strip has some issues, so it is better to have a digital thermometer for precise measurements. It is imperative to explore other options instead of P-Sure at the moment. Do not take a chance if the drug test you are about to go for is serious. Instead of P-Sure, put your energy, time, and resources looking for products like Quick Fix, Sub-Solution, and Quick Luck. All of them register more than 99% success rate. All the best in your upcoming test!