Quick Fix Plus Urine Comprehensive Review

The use of synthetic urine is on the rise. It seems to be the best way to pass a drug test during urinalysis. Urinalysis aims to test for the presence of any foreign chemicals in the body of an athlete, employee, or any other person. 

No one would not want to miss a chance to secure a dream job because he/she is an avid stoner. 

Many people around the world use fake urine techniques to pass in various drug tests. Synthetic urine is a high-quality mixture of elements found in natural urine. The only difference between natural urine and synthetic urine is that it is clean and gives a negative test result.

Quick Synthetic Urine Brand

Quick Fix plus urine creates toxin-free clean urine, which both men and women can use to pass drug tests. There are very many brands coming up, but only a few are reliable. One of the top synthetic urine brands is quick to fix plus urine.

Spectrum Labs patently premixes various components to develop laboratory urine that has the same characteristics as natural urine. The main output is known as the quick fix plus synthetic urine. It has a balanced pH, specific gravity, and other key ingredients found in natural urine. Quick fix plus comes in a safe bottle along with a temperature strip and heating pad. 

All these add-ons will help you submit a sample that has an appropriate temperature. If you are new to Quick Fix plus urine, here is a comprehensive guide for you.

Does quick Fix plus urine work?

Quick fix plus is a unique brand of synthetic urine. It is among the top pee brands on the market today. Does it work perfectly? That is a no brainer because it cannot be on top of the list for not working. One of the objectives of laboratory urine like quick plus is to help people with drug issues to cheat on a drug test. 

Therefore, it is easy to affirm that this type of artificial urine works perfectly.

If you have an upcoming drug test, you should not panic since spectrum labs inspect before releasing the product to the market. The product works for both men and women. Quick Fix plus urine is a ready-to-use type of artificial urine, unlike other brands like the dehydrated/powdered urine.

It will take you only 10-20 seconds to prepare it before submitting it for analysis. Quick Fix plus works just as its name ‘quick fix’ suggests. It comes with a complete kit when bought from a designated online or local store. 

It is wise always to make sure that you get Quick Fix plus urine that has leg attachments, tubes, and other stuff for tricking the clinic staff. Ultimately, submitting your original Quick Fix plus urine will help you to test negative in any drug test.

What Makes Quick Fix plus Urine Unique?

Passing a drug test using artificial urine takes a lot of effort for you to avoid detection. Most laboratory staffs are aware of synthetic urine. Since its use is on the rise, they take precautionary measures to detect fake urine. One of the techniques they use to tell if the urine is natural or artificial is looking at the composition of the urine sample. Natural urine has distinctive characteristics in terms of chemical elements and physical appearance.

The development of Quick Fix plus urine takes in to account all these factors. Quick fix plus is fake urine but has real urine attributes. It has everything that makes you think its natural urine real. It looks and smells the same as real urine. The manufacturer balances the pH, creatinine, and urea correctly to make it impeccable.

Most fake urine manufacturers say that their piss has urea when it is just a lie. Ever wondered why people are caught using synthetic urine, yet they have the necessary gear for cheating? Well, that is the reason. Most drug test administrator has known the tricks used by people to cheat. They now test for urea to find out if it is fake or real. Most developers use uric acid instead and lure their clients by stating that it has urea. The use of urea in Quick Fix plus urine makes it a unique product in the fake urine market.

Composition of Quick Fix plus urine 

You need to apprehend the composition of real urine before using synthetic urine. This will help you buy urine that has the same attributes as real urine. Having this in the back of your mind will help you avoid being busted by the drug test administrators.

Basic Elements

Real urine mainly comprises of water, which is about 95%. Other components include organic solutes like uric acid, creatinine, hormones, urea, fatty acids, mucins, and inorganic ions (like Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphates, Chlorides, Potassium, Ammonium, and Sulfates).

Natural urine contains an average pH of about 6.2, which is slightly acid but neutral in general. It can always range between 5.5 and 7.2. Also, its density ranges between 1.003 and 1.035. The deviations, especially in the pH, are reasonable because of the difference in diet and other urinary disorders. Moreover, natural urine contains significant traces of Oxygen, Carbon, and Hydrogen.

A spectrum lab, which is the developer of Quick Fix plus urine, puts all these attributes into consideration when manufacturing their product. 

The Color

Apart from the chemical composition, Quick Fix plus urine has a similar physical characteristic. Quick fix plus has the same color as human urine. The color of human urine ranges between dark amber and nearly transparent. 

Less concentrated urine appears clear while concentrated urine appears darker amber. Also, the color is dependent on the amount of water that is present, natural chemicals in food, and diseases present in the body. 

Quick fix lab urine has everything that makes the administrators think it is real human urine. It resembles real urine from the smell, appearance to the chemical attributes.

So, Can you Fail a Drug Test When using Quick Fix plus urine?

No, because Quick Fix plus synthetic urine imitates human urine in terms of the molecular structure. Quick Fix plus urine has a balanced pH, creatine, gravity, foam, and protein color. All these components make it hard for drug test administrators to distinguish it from human urine. Unfortunately, some people fail because they do not understand how to prepare it properly, or they buy expired urine.

How to Use Quick Fix Plus urine

 A regular quick fix urine bottle comes in an exact volume that is just enough for a single test. It can precisely fill a standard cup for collecting the urine samples. If you need more urine, Quick Fix Plus is the product to go for. It gives you that extra ounce of fake urine. It can fill a standard testing cup, which makes it even more realistic.

Some people tense when using fake urine for the first time. This tension can cause spillage, which will put you in a risk of testing positive using your urine. Quick Fix Plus can save you in case you spill the urine. The extra bit of urine will save you a lot.

When using the quick fix plus urine version, be sure to keep in mind the amount, temperature, and the method of preparation. Always make sure your urine is at the right temperature before submitting it. 

 The Procedure for Using Quick Fix Plus Urine

  1.  After opening the bottle, use its heat pads to get the urine at the right temperature. This will take about half an hour. If you are in a hurry, you can use a microwave for only 15 seconds.
  2. Then shake the bottle to distribute the heat uniformly. Make sure the strips read between 93 -100 degrees Fahrenheit. Put the bottle close to your body to maintain the heat.
  3. Submit your sample

Remember that quick Fix’s heat pad can keep the urine sample within the necessary temperature for 6 hours or more.

What does the drug test administrator check out for?

  1. Whether your urine is in the average temperature range of human urine. They accept urine sample that ranges between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Whether it has a similar chemical composition as natural urine.
  3. Check the smell.
  4. Find out if the urine is less concentrated
  5. The pH range.

How do You Prepare Quick Fix Plus urine Properly?

The aim of preparing quick Fix Plus urine before going for the test is to raise the temperature to the required 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The instructor will measure the temperature immediately after you submit the sample. Here is how you do it.

  1. A quick method of preparing quick Fix plus urine

Use this method if you are in a hurry.

  • Shake the bottle well and open it.
  • Place the urine bottle in the center of your microwave for only 15 seconds.
  • Remove the bottle from your microwave and close it again with the cap.
  • Shake well to ensure even distribution of the temperature.
  • Check on Green Color strip and ensure the temperature is between 90 to 100 degrees.
  • Before pouring the urine into the testing cup, ensure you recheck the temperature.
  • There you go! Submit the sample to the administrator and feel confident.
  1. 2. Slow method
  • Open the quick Fix plus heat pack and shake it. This will activate its healing qualities.
  • Secure its heat pack with a rubber band. Confirm whether it is on the opposite of the temperature strip.
  • Place the urine near your body to maintain the heat. Men should keep in the underwear. Women should keep it near their breasts.
  • Before submitting your urine sample, shake the quick Fix plus bottle to generate realistic-looking bubbles.

Does Quick Fix plus Expire?


Quick Fix plus bottle has an expiration date label. You cannot see this level of honesty from most brands. Make sure you buy a product that is still within its shelf life. Quick Fix plus can stay for two years without expiring. Avoid submitting a urine sample that is past the expiry date. 

Can quick-fix be Frozen and Reheated?

Yes, with quick-fix urine, you can do so. You can freeze it and later reheat without destroying its chemical and physical attributes. Make sure you stick with the use of the heating pads. Also, note that exposing the urine to sunlight for an extended period will alter its pH. 

Storing quick Fix plus urine

Store your quick Fix plus urine in a cool and dry place. And just like other products, avoid storing in direct sunlight. UV rays from the sun distort the urine’s biochemical structure and Ph. Also, keep it away from your kids.

Why Quick Fix Plus?

  •  You get premium quality artificial urine
  • Quick fix plus is always premixed, unlike other dehydrated types of fake urine. This makes it easy for the customers to use it.
  • Spectrum labs develop their synthetic urine (quick fix plus) in their standard and certified laboratories.
  • Patented ingredients.
  • Unisex design; for both men and women.
  • Balanced Ph.
  • Specific gravity
  • It contains creatine and other natural ingredients of human urine.
  • Undetectable!

Where to Buy Quick Fix Plus Urine

The most reliable way to buy Quick Fix urine is to order from the official e-store. The prices are standards, and quality is a guarantee. Make sure you are keen when buying from other shopping platforms like eBay and Amazon. Also, avoid counterfeit quick Fix plus urine by avoiding crappy online stores. Ensure you use a legit Batch validator to confirm the authenticity of the urine.


Quick Fix Plus artificial urine is the best in the market right now. The product has everything that human urine has. The use of Quick Fix plus urine is the surest way of passing any urinalysis if you are a regular stoner.


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