Stat Flush Extra Strength Detox Pills 2020 Comprehensive Review

Detox supplements are becoming more popular because of the high demand. Bod detox is not only needed by people who are going for a drug test but also by those seeking to lead a healthy lifestyle. With the change in lifestyle, we are exposed to different kinds of toxins and chemicals that find their way to the bloodstream through ingestion. 

Usually, the body has a natural way of getting rid of these toxins. However, the process is usually slow compared to using manufactured detoxifying products. Toxins can creep into your body in common and in trifling ways. Smoking drinking and ingestion are the most common ways in which these harmful metabolites find their way to the body.

Nevertheless, any additional toxins which cannot get adequately eliminated could end up being dumped into the fat cells. Too much of these deposits could render you an illness or tissue inflammation, which may cause other associated conditions. Therefore, the faster you get rid of these elements, the safer you become. Also, when these toxins pile up in the fat cell, they could render you overweight, which again comes with its complications.

Understanding Detox and detox products

Detox or detoxification is the process of cleansing the bloodstream by getting rid of toxins and contaminants coming from the blood in the liver. The liver plays a vital role in processing and eliminating harmful elements from the body. The elimination process can be facilitated through different organs such as kidneys, skin, lymphatic system, intestines, and lungs.

As we have already mentioned, there are many reasons for detoxification. Therefore, depending on what you want to achieve, you will be able to go for the right detoxification. For those that are impatient or are under pressure to get rid of certain chemicals from their bodies, they should go for drinking or detox pills. There are also different dietetic and natural detoxification activities that you can commit to achieving your goals. 

For the case of a drug test, you need help ASAP. And his is where products like Stat Flush Extra Strength Detox pills come in handy. Drinking a lot of water and eating certain fruits and veggies may not flush out the toxins in your body if the test is just a few days ahead. 

You probably have heard how some people are taking advantage of unnoticing drug users. It is better to try the natural way than have hopes on a product that will cost you money and still cost you an opportunity or job. Therefore, you must study some of these products before introducing them to your body. This review will focus on Stat Flush Extra Strength Detox Pills and their efficacy. Read on.

A Brief Overview of Stat Flush

Stat Flush is a detox pill that may help drug users in getting rid of any toxins and substances at a relatively fast rate. The capsules are designed to function in a single dosage, and they are quite easy to use.

The brand has been around for quite a while since 1995. They even label all their packages to allow users to see that they have been around for quite some time. There is a definite reason why the brand has been around. One of their headlining products is the Stat Flush Extra Strength Detox formula. 

Stat Flush Extra Strength Detox is science-based, just like the other products out there. The extra strength formula is designed to work in regards to the biological responses and functioning of the body. All the nutrition and ingredients details are recorded on their website. This company is always keen on providing details about themselves, which is something that lacks in most brands in this space. Moreover, Stat Flush as the manufacturer does not outsource its ingredients. Therefore, you are sure that all the ingredients used in making Stat Flush Extra Strength Detox Pills are created by the manufacturer directly.

Stat Flush Extra Strength Detox Pills are the best choice for those people who have no time to prepare for the drug test. Typically the stat flush extra pills start to work within 60 minutes after taking them. From the reviews we have seen on different platforms, they seem to approve this product, although there are still negative comments. 

Flushing toxins and other drug substances from the bloodstream can be an overwhelming and nerve-wracking undertaking. It is advisable to buy products such as Stat Flush if you are subjected to a regular impromptu drug test at your job. That is the only way to evade being found with THC and other metabolites in your body.

Passing a drug test using Stat Flush Extra Pills

Drug tests, particularly those that are unexpected and unplanned, can impact your life and career significantly. Nonetheless, if you find yourself in such a fix, there are detox pills to salvage you. Honestly, some may be working, but most of them are just gimmicks that could add you more problems than you already have. That is why it is essential to be careful when buying these kinds of products.

But how do these detoxification pills work? Well, detox pills like Stat Flush or Detoxify Instant Clean are meant to help your body to accelerate the process of toxin elimination. The ingredients that are included in the capsules tend to attach to the toxins hence speeding the processing and elimination of the toxins from the body. Moreover, these prescriptions obscure the presence of toxins and other metabolites in the saliva, pee, and blood.

One of such products is known as Stat Flush. Stat Flush Extra Strength Detox Pills cleans and the urine transitorily to help you in passing an unplanned urinalysis. While using Stat Flush Extra Strength Detox Pills, remember that the results are temporary. After taking your detox pills, the body creates a “clear zone” where the toxins get stored temporarily in the fat cells.

This helps ensure a clean result during the drug test. Stat Flush Extra Strength Detox Pills creates the “clear zone” with 60- 90 minutes from consumption. The clear zone can maintain its state for 3- 4 hours. Always take note of this period as the traces of those toxins may show in the urine after 4 to 5 hours. After 3 hours, the drug toxins that were zoned in the fat cells may start to creep into the bloodstream.

Stat Flush Pills are designed to mask all traces of different substances in your body. Some of the drugs that can be masked by Stat Flush Extra Strength Detox Pills include Cocaine, LSD, Heroin, Nicotine, and Marijuana.

Another essential thing to note is that when you drink Stat Flush pills, it clears your body from caffeine for 72 hours or more. Caffeine intake is inevitable because we are exposed to beverages like coffee and tea in our daily lives. Also, some drinks like soda can pile up caffeine into your system, which may alter the drug test results. Additionally, the ideal way to achieve a desirable result is through desisting from taking in things that could add toxins for about 2 days before the test.

How to Use Stat Flush Extra strength

The manufacturer always provides directions for the use of this product. Taking Stat Flush extra-strength pills is quite a simple thing. Their instructions are precise unless they change. 

Generally, you require like 40 ounces of water to ingest all the five pills in 10 minutes. It is good to take a reasonable amount of water. Avoid drinking a lot of water because the pills may become too diluted, which may reduce its effectiveness.

Most of the Stat flush capsules start working one hour after correct ingestion. Men with more than 220 lbs and females above 180 lbs should take two bottles of the capsules for correct results. 

Steps to follow when taking Extra Strength Flush

Avoid any type of toxins for 48 hours before using STAT Flush to get the intended results.

Over a 10 minute duration, take everything in the bottle (5 capsules) along with 40 ounces of water. Avoid too much water.

Since toxins are removed from the body mainly through urination, ensure you urinate about 2 to 3 times before collecting the urinalysis sample.

The right time of cleanliness is around 60 to 90 minutes after taking the Stat Flush pills. 

What to do before taking Stat Flush Extra Strength pills?

  • Avoid taking alcoholic beverages, smoking, and other OTC drugs.
  • Avoid any vitamin routine.
  • Stay out of any toxic environment.  
  • Take water continuously (not all at once). 
  • Try exercising if you have more days ahead of the test.
  • Do skip meals, especially breakfast, on the testing day.

Where to buy Stat Flush pills?

You can purchase Stat Flush from various stores including from the manufacturer’s website (

Stat Flush Extra Strength 5 Capsules can cost you around $30 when purchased directly from them. Not a bad investment, especially when you are desperately trying to secure your job.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer of this product does not provide a money-back guarantee. Therefore, place an order when you are sure that you really need Stat Flush Extra Strength pills.

Why choose Stat Flush Pills?

Different circumstances should be handled differently. Detox products are not created the same. They are always diverse in the way they work when they interact with your body cells. The most determinant factor to consider when choosing a detox product is the amount of time you have before the test. If you have more than three or four months, you can choose the natural remedy.

  • Important to note that Stat Flush pills are only used when one has a drug test in just a few hours. Stat Flush pills are the right option for shorter notices. Most popular detox supplements require more time to cleanse your metabolic system effectively. The following are other benefits you get from using Stat Flush Extra Strength detox pills:
  • can work on a wide range of substances. These substances include Cocaine, LSD, Heroin, Nicotine, and Marijuana. Unlike other products, this supplement is not created for only specific substances.
  • It is an easy to use option compared to most products out there. The steps for using this product are memorable.
  • According to most users, this product has a higher approval rate. This means that its success rate is great.
  • The results of Stat Flush 5 pills are quick. You are always ready for the test after only 3 to 4 hours once you have taken all the five pills as prescribed.

Why avoid STAT Flush 5 pills? 

Stat Flush Extra Strength detox pills come with a share of unwanted features. When it comes to these capsules, it is worth noting since you can’t take the pills with any caffeine sources. This is due to its nature of note working well in the presence of caffeine, which may outlast it with the first 3 to 4 hours after talking all the five capsules.

The manufacturer does not offer a money-back guarantee, which raises many questions about their legitimacy, although they have been around for quite some time.

Other ways to support your detox and health

In addition to Stat Flush Detox pills, Proactive Nutra, which is the mother brand, offers pre-detox products to improve your gut health and general immunity. Here are some of the other ways you can get better results:

  • Flush 20 Minute Pretox.
  • Flush Daily Pretox cleansing pills.
  • health
  • support

Final Thoughts 

Stat Flush 5 capsules are great for detoxifying before an upcoming drug test. Although they are based on a time limit, they are worth it because they work best for emergencies. You do not need extensive preparation besides avoiding other sources of toxin for at least 48 hours beforehand.

If you have more time before getting tested, you can opt for another option known as Toxin Rid’s 10 Day Detox. Always remember that passing a mandatory drug test requires the best detox pills. Never compromise on the quality of the test is quite severe. All the best in your upcoming drug test!