TestClear Synthetic Urine Review

Drug testing is almost becoming a requirement in job seeking. Being found positive in a drug comes with harsh consequences. For avid stoners to avoid losing their jobs and reputation, they have to cheat. One of the best ways of cheating in a drug test is the use of fake or synthetic urine. Synthetic urine is an industrial solution that mimics human pee. Most synthetic urine brands try to develop artificial urine samples that have similar chemical and physical characteristics to human piss. 

However, not all fake urine developers make reliable products. You need to go for the top brands if you are serious about passing a drug test. One of these brands is known as TestClear synthetic urine. In this review, we will provide a comprehensive and honest discussion of TestClear urine. This guide will assist you to comprehend more about the product and other alternatives for cheating in a drug test. Read on.

What is TestClear Synthetic Urine?

TelstraClear is a famous synthetic urine brand that most people use to cheat on drug tests. There are innumerable reasons why many people are using brands like TestClear fake pee. The developers of TestClear intend to help stoners who risk losing their positions after scheduled tests. 

At times you may not be a regular stoner, but then it happens eventually. You can test positive if you take drugs that have tetrahydrocannabinol traces. Consequently, if you get a codeine drug for alleviating a condition, you are likely to test positive. For whatever reason, TestClear fake urine can help you to avoid testing positive.

An original TestClear kit contains bare-bones, some powdered synthetic pee, manual, a vial for carrying it, and a heating pad. The product functions well in most cases and gets the work done regularly. Most people who have used TestClear in the past say that it is reliable and easy to use. 

However, you need to use it only in an unsupervised drug that is coming up. Therefore, before using this product, make sure to know the level of scrutiny you will be in at the drug testing facility.

What Makes TestClear fake Urine Special?

Most synthetic urine brands come in solution form. This is different when it comes to TestClear synthetic urine because it is in powder form. Unlike most powder fake urine brands, TestClear fake urine works perfectly when submitted as needed. The powdered urine comes in a plastic vial instead of a packet. That makes it easy for the user to pour it without difficulties.

What do Others Say About TestClear Synthetic Urine?

In most cases, TestClear products appear to fly below the radar. That is probably what makes the company different in its operations. However, that does not make it easy for customers to find TestClear reviews for reference. The few reviews that we found a state that the product is reliable and easy to use. The low key nature of the brand brings in suspicions even on the available reviews.

On the other hand, some customers find their vial to be somehow small, while others have trivial complaints about the product’s smell. Still, Test Clear seems to be chosen if only you are going to take the test in an unsupervised testing facility. We all comprehend that powdered urine is unreliable, especially in strict areas where intense tests are done. Therefore, it is imperative to go for solution urine rather than a powdered if you do not want complications in the preparations.

TestClear Synthetic Urine kit Includes:

The product kit comes with a plastic vial that has a temperature strip, urine powder, and an instructions sheet. It also comes with a set of adhesive heaters which warms the specimen to body temperature. Its plastic vial is four inches long and one inch in diameter. The vial’s base is tapered with a screw-on plastic cap. The powdered urine vial is relatively small, measuring about two inches long and half an inch wide. The powdered urine must come in a vial rather than a packet. This makes it easy for the user to pour the specimen without messing around. 

Other components found in the kit include:

  1. A single vial with powdered urine (real powdered urine).
  2. A 50-ml medical transport plastic vial with a blue lid
  3. A temperature strip pinned to a 50ml vial
  4. Two air-activated warmers that are closed in a plastic carrier

Claims made by the manufacturer of TestClear synthetic urine

TestClear synthetic urine allows you to use uncontaminated urine instead of a specimen for an unsupervised drug test. This urine uses the same material for calibrating urine drug tests, and they have high stakes for it.

Their temperature strip is more accurate than that of brands like UPass and Ultra-Pure fake pee. The medical transport vial allows you to have a little space for adding extra water to the specimen. TestClear also claims that their product has never failed in any drug test in history. They also claim that their product page has positive reviews from legit customers. Their product rating is astoundingly high, and we can attest to that. 

How to use TestClear synthetic urine

  1.  First, drop the powdered TestClear synthetic urine into the transport tube. It comes out in a solid chunk-like large tablet that dissolves after shaking it well.
  2. Then stick the temperature strips into the bottle and then add clean water (no need for distilled water).
  3. Before using the adhesive warmer, make sure you flank the vial to the opposite side of the temperature strip. Then, shake it thoroughly until it dissolves all the powder while you activate the heater.
  4. Normally, it takes about 45 minutes to one hour minutes for the powder in the bottle to reach body temperature (90 – 102 F) when using the heater.
  5. The heat lasts for about 5 – 6 hours; this creates an unstinting window for drug testing. Make sure you screw the blue lid tightly to prevent any trivial leaks.
  6. Use the given temperature strip to confirm that the temperature is between 90 and 100°F. Make sure that the heater does not overheat the specimen. You can cool your sample if. Make sure you attach the carrier near to your body to avoid losing heat. Before you pour the solution to the sample cup, confirm the temperature. 

What compliments TestClear synthetic urine?

TestClear synthetic urine comes with everything that you require to pass the test. However, there are complementary products that you should use to make it even more dependable. TestClear provides a thermometer, additional warmers, and a pair of vials that are available as spare products. You can always add them to your next purchase of the TestClear synthetic powdered urine kit. The most important product to buy is the spare, which is handy because the administrator may delay you, and your sample may cool before you submit it. Therefore, consider these add-ons to block any form of shortcoming during the exercise.

Value of TestClear Synthetic Urine

The value of TestClear synthetic urine is both in the price and outcomes. At around $45, you get a complete TestClear synthetic urine kit. This is very much affordable compared to most brands that are in solution form and still are not dependable. Using TestClear synthetic urine is more affordable than using body detox pills and other ways of cheating in a drug test. 

Alternatives to TestClear Synthetic Urine

There are a couple of other similar fake urine brands that you can substitute with TestClear synthetic urine. If you find mixing the powered urine hectic, you can use solution samples like Quick Luck, Quick Fix plus, and X-Stream synthetic urine. These products are readily available, and they work reliably, just like TestClear synthetic urine. 

However, if you are concerned with the prices, then TestClear and X-Stream synthetic urine should be your choice. Also, if you want a product that is easy to use and guarantee 100% negative results in a drug test, then go for Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine

FAQs about TestClear synthetic urine

Does TestClear Synthetic Urine Work?

TestClear company is a well-known brand that develops a variety of products ranging from detox drinks, shampoo to fake urine. There is no doubt that they have industry understanding, which has also enabled them to develop one of the best urine products. It is also among the top platforms where you can get great detox products. 

Whether you are a chain smoker or a regular hard-drug user, TestClear synthetic urine works perfectly when you follow their instructions. 

What is the Optimal Temperature for Test Clear Urine?

TestClear synthetic urine’s most optimal temperature ranges between 90 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Actually, this range is the standard range temperature for the human body. If the test administrator finds it significantly higher or below this range, your sample will be immediately flagged as a fake. 

Most labs are aware that people use fake urine. Therefore, they measure the temperature as soon as you submit to check if it ranges around the real human temperature. Make sure you use the temperature strip to confirm before pouring the solution to the sample cup.

Can you Reutilize TestClear Synthetic Urine?

Yes, you can! As long as the powdered urine is kept in a cool and dry place, you can always reuse it. Make sure you do not reheat it several times because you alter its chemical composition. From the developer, everything from the elements to the pH is balanced. Interfering with any of these components can cause an alarm during the analysis. Also, make sure you do not use more water to dissolve the urine solute. Follow the instructions to come up with a balanced urine sample.

Does the Temperature Strip Come with Test Clear’s package?

Yes, the temperature strip is vital. It helps the user to take temperature measurements. If your package lacks a temperature strip, then that is a fake product. Since all TestClear synthetic powdered urine packs include a temperature strip, it is good to ensure you buy from a well-known retailer, whether online or in a local store. 

Most fraudsters are always inventing gimmicks to take advantage of the unnoticing customers. Double-check the temperature before submitting the sample for urinalysis.

Does TestClear Powdered Urine Expire?

Yes, it does go bad after some time. Make sure you check the expiry date on the original TestClear powdered urine packaging before using it. Avoid sites like eBay, which disposes expired samples at lower prices. Usually, original TestClear powder urine takes two and a half years before it expires. Make sure you only submit fresh TestClear synthetic urine for analysis. 

Can you Purchase TestClear in Stores?

Currently, no local stores are permitted to sell TestClear synthetic urine. However, some order them from online in bulk and sell them locally. You should not buy from a local store because you will not be sure of the novelty of the product. 

Also, avoid rogue sites that sell TestClear synthetic urine gimmicks. Some online dealers sell it at discounted prices, but this can lead you to spend on a counterfeit product. Make sure you buy from retailers that are well known. You can also purchase original TestClear synthetic urine from their official online store.

The Bottom Line

Do not waste your hard-earned money on gimmick solutions that will end up putting you in a fix. Avoid any made-up remedies that are marketed on the internet. Taking detox drinks can hurt your organs because most of these companies are after money and not keeping your health. Save yourself headaches, money, and time by using TestClear urine to pass a drug test. 

Also, ensure that the facility is not under strict surveillance when using this product because cheating in a drug test calls for harsh consequences when caught. Therefore, use TestClear synthetic urine in an unsupervised drug test facility only. If you do not want to go through the hassles of making solutions from powdered urine, you can buy a Quick fix plus, which is premixed. Ultimately, TestClear powder urine works.