The Best Synthetic Urine for a Drug Test

The use of synthetic urine is becoming more socially acceptable than it was a decade ago. Many people are more than willing to seizing some of the most reliable brands and use them for their advantage. Some honesty and non-promotional reviews like this one help stoners and other avid drug users avoid synthetic whack brands that happen to dominate the market.

The story of synthetic urine is a crazy one. Machine companies needed urine to develop their products, but human urine was not sufficient enough to meet their industrial needs. They went for synthetic urine, which mimics real humans from the laboratory. 

Lab technicians who made the synthetic urine capitalized on it by selling it to the drug users who were intimidated by drug tests. So now apart from using detox pills to pass a drug test, people can use fake pee. Since then, many brands have come up. Some of the synthetic urine brands are consistent in quality, while others are ever struggling.

Not all brands are the same. As a new buyer, you need to be aware that most of these brands are not reliable. What you see in the market online is not the same product you get. Therefore, you need to acquaint yourself with some of the best synthetic urine products. This review focuses on the best synthetic urine brands. 

8 Best Synthetic Urine Brands in the World

As mentioned above, not all brands made the same way. For that matter, they do not work similarly. There are very many products out there, but only the following seems to be working correctly: 

  1. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine
  2. Clear Choice Sub Solution
  3. Monkey Dong Synthetic urine
  4. X-Stream Synthetic Urine
  5. Ultra-Pure Synthetic urine
  6. TestClear synthetic urine
  7. P-Sure synthetic urine
  8. Magnum Detox synthetic urine

1.1. Quick Fix synthetic urine

Quick Fix synthetic urine is one of the best synthetic urine brands today. The product has had a great run and still trudging on with great responses from stoners who use it to pass drug tests. It is a reputable premixed fake urine brand that has a more 99% success rate. 

The synthetic urine has all everything it takes to fool even strict urinalysis administrators that it is real urine. As we highlighted early, not all top brands are perfect. No brand can fake even the DNA, so every product is given the benefit of the doubt. Some of the insignificant demerits of Quick Fix fake urine are the presence of trivial traces of biocides and a smaller amount of uric acid. This may be a disadvantage, but it is like technicians are finding it hard to differentiate it from real urine. It is a cheap product but still effective. 

You better not use it in a ten or twelve-panel lab drug test because those minute shortcomings may cost you. You’d instead go for a clear choice brand if you want to pass extremely intense tests. Generally, we recommend Quick Fix fake urine because it is affordable and has an appealing success rate.

1.2. Clear Choice Sub Solution

This is simply the best product every stoner should invest in. In spite of being expensive, sub solution has a longer shelf life and a great success rate. It is also cheaper than Quick Luck. Clear Choice Sub Solution and Clear Choice Quick Luck come from the same company. The two take the two top spots because they can fool the lab technicians who carry even ten or 12-panel drug tests. 

Sub solution is not that different from Quick Luck. The only difference between them is the 20 bucks standard price. Quick Luck costs around 100$ while clear choice Sub Solution goes for only 80$. Quick Luck is the most expensive product out there. Sub solution is a powdered product that has a balance in each of the key components of real human urine. Its kit has an accurate temperature gauge and effective heat activator powder. 

You can never go wrong with the sample temperature if you buy Sub Solution. It is worth investing in if you really want to pass your upcoming drug test.

1.3. Clear Choice Quick Luck

It is hard to choose between Quick Luck and Sub Solution. Both of them come from the same manufacturer. However, we would strongly recommend this one even though it is the most expensive on the market. It has more chemicals, which makes it a perfect real deal urine mimicker. The only difference it has with Sub Solution is that it is premixed. 

In the Quick Luck kit, you will find a novel hand warmer and very effective heat activator powder for regulating the temperature. It is easy to smuggle into the testing facility. It costs around $100.

1.4. Monkey Whizz

Despite its ridiculous name, Monkey Whizz is a serious synthetic urine brand. It is half the price of clear choice Sub Solution, but quite good. If you do not find a Quick fix, you can opt to go for Monkey Whizz. It comes with a heating pad, which obviously puts some stoner off. Ultimately, Monkey Whizz is an excellent balance between quality and price. You can buy it and test it one your own for better decision making.

1.5. X-Stream Synthetic Urine

Lastly, we have X-Stream Synthetic Urine. It is neither bad nor that good. That is why it is just a better brand than others like U-Pass, Ultra-Pure, Magnum, among others. It has the same shipping policies and even ingredient description as Quick Fix, but they not the same. 

If you are going for a regular unsupervised drug test, you can use X-Stream. Ultimately, stay away from it if the test is intense.

Buying the Best Synthetic Urine

When looking out for the safest and most reliable product, you will pump into several brands. Popular synthetic urine brands do not necessarily mean they all work. To avoid getting caught out, find resourceful info like this one to help you make a sound decision.

People who buy synthetic urine based on the prices are the ones that often get frustrated and take their rage online. A smart stoner should be able to isolate low quality urine from the best. To do this perfectly, you must know the definitive factors that make brands like Quick Fix Synthetic Urine and Clear Choice to stand out. It is better to fail a drug test with your natural urine than fail with fake urine. 

Failing with synthetic urine will cause double consequences because you will be caught using drugs and cheating at the same time. Best synthetic pee should mimic real urine when it comes to the chemical and physical attributes. Apart from the urine, there are other key add-ons a good fake piss should come with. 

Here are some important things to look out for in fake pee.

Uric acid

Alongside urea, uric acid is among the essential elements of fake urine. Drug test administrators look out for both urea and uric acid to tell the novelty of fake urine. You should be aware that even a basic urinalysis test looks out for uric acid. Make sure that the synthetic urine you buy contains uric acid, which is a normal component of real pee. Unfortunately, not all brands you see on the internet have this element. Its absence will definitely cause an alarm during the examination.

Most reputable Synthetic urine brands have become aware of this development, and they now include the uric acid in their fake pee. Some of the common synthetic urine brands that contain uric acid include: Quick Fix ,Monkey Whizz, Monkey Dong, UPass 8.4, Magnum Detox, Clear Choice Sub-Solution, P-Sure, Xstream (medium), Urine Luck, Dr. Greens Agent X, Jet Clean, Urine The Clear, and Ultra-Pure.

You can check other reviews that we have done on most of these brands for more information. Therefore, ensure you invest in synthetic urine that has uric acid in the right quantities.

Heating Pad

Another important consideration should be the heating pad. A standard fake urine kit should include a working heating pad to regulate the temperature of the sample before submission. However, not all products get heat from heating pads. Some require you to use a microwave, while others like Clear Choice have heat activator powder that generates heat in small proportions. 

Typically the temperature of human urine ranges from 90 to 103 degrees Fahrenheit. Overheating can cause the disintegration of the components, which may alter the results. Make sure you buy a product that has a reliable heating pad or heat activator powder.

Shelf Life

It is hard to tell the expiry date of a specific pee product before setting your eyes on it. A product that is past its shelf life span will cost you in the test. Make sure you look at the expiry date before starting to prepare the solution for submission. All the best brands indicate the expiry dates of their products. 

However, rogue manufacturers do not indicate these essential details. It is better to buy powdered synthetic urine like Clear Choice because its shelf life is longer than that of most premixed fake urine products.

Many synthetic pee products can last for only six months. However, the best brand goes up to three years of service. Remember to store your fake urine in a dry and cool place to avoid evaporation and contamination.


The place where you buy your fake urine from matters a lot. There are limited chances that you will get a quality product from a rogue seller. Buying random synthetic urine brands comes with a price to pay in the long run. Most fake urine products from sites like Amazon, craigslist, and eBay is already expired. Avoid such sites if your fate solely depends on the results from the upcoming drug test.

As the need for synthetic urine is rising, the number of fraudsters on the market is increasing as well. You need to need to be wary of individuals trying to exploit hapless stoners like yourself. Make sure you ignore them even when they sell their gimmicks at ridiculous prices.

The best way to identify reliable retailers and legit third-party sellers is through research. Make sure you find non-promotion materials that genuinely recommend stores that have novel artificial urine products. Never compromise the quality of a product because of the prices. It is imperative to order your preferable product from the manufacturer’s official online store.

Temperature strip/gauge

A temperature strip or thermometer is a very important consideration when considering which urine kit is the best. Some brands have temperature strips that are not even accurate. However, brands like quick luck, sub solution, and quick fix have very accurate temperature strips. These three are the top and most reliable brands that every stoner should consider. 

Make sure you do not place the temperature strip next to your body because it may lead to false readings. Also, remember to confirm the temperature of the sample before submission. The measurement of the sample’s temperature is the first thing every drug test administrator does after submission.

Other Checkpoints

Human urine contains a specific pH, which in most cases, ranges between 6.5 and 8. The best synthetic urine should as well mimic the pH level of real human urine. Also, reliable urine should have creatine, whether it is in powder or liquid form. 

Most lab technicians that undertake the urinalysis try to test for the pH, Uric acid, urea, creatine, gravity, and odor as well. Make sure your solution has all these attributes to minimize suspicion of any kind. Also, remember that the best fake is one that grows bacteria, just like human pee, when exposed to the environment. The worst synthetic pee brands are:

  • N-oxide Synthetic Urine
  • U Pass Synthetic Urine
  • P Sure Synthetic Urine
  • Agent X Synthetic Urine

Some of these products may have uric acid, but they have biocide and other foreign materials, which may cause suspicion. Do not be tempted by their appealing prices and adverts.

Best synthetic pee kits and Urination Devices

The best urination devices are Monkey Dong and Monkey Whizz. These two are often promoted as sex toys, but they help stoners like you to feel comfortable when squirting solution to the sample cup. They have silent valves, which makes it hard for the supervisors to detect any suspicious happenings in the sample collection room. Monkey dong is for male and monkey whizz is for women. They come in all skin tones to fit all people from different races.

Our Pick

Our Choice is the Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine because it works perfectly and goes for a reasonable price. On the other hand, Clear Choice has the most versatile products, but they cost quite a lot. If you have enough money, do not hesitate to order either Sub-Solution or Quick Luck fake pee.

Final Notes

Investing in the best artificial urine will guarantee you desirable results. Always ensure that you buy from a legit online store. The best way to find novel synthetic urine is by ordering from the manufacturer’s official online store. Always make sure that you submit a sample that ranges between 90 – 102 degrees Fahrenheit.