Ultra-Pure synthetic Urine Comprehensive Review

There are limited options when it comes to passing a drug test. You can go for the natural detox option, but it takes a while for it to work. You can as well include the use of detox shampoos, drinks, and detox pills for faster results. 

On the flip side, this option is not 100% reliable. You can use detox pills and still test positive in a urinalysis exercise. Another option is using another person’s urine, which is quite hard to submit leave alone, succeeding in the examination. The fourth option has become very common in the past decade; it is the use of synthetic urine. 

The use of Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is simply an industrial pee that mimics the chemical and physical attributes of real human urine. The drug can terrorize your way of life, especially when you get caught during a test. The number of stoners is ever-increasing, and it is not going to drop any soon. Using synthetic urine is both relieving and disastrous. 

You have to make the right decision when going for fake urine. There are tens of fake urine brands that are taking advantage of the need for these products. Some rogue manufacturers just colorize water and label it as synthetic urine. This method is helpful and, at the same time, unpredictable when you do not know the best urine to buy.

You should go for high-quality synthetic urine that will help you to pass even in an intensive drug testing exercise. 

Some brands are worth going for, and others you should not even pay attention to them. Some of the top fake urine brands in the market include Ultra-Pure, Quick Fix, X-Stream, and UPass synthetic urine, among others. All of these brands are not made equally. You need, therefore, to go for a product that you are 100% sure of if it is a serious drug test. In this guide, we shall focus on the Ultra-Pure synthetic urine. The information herein will help you to make a wise decision when buying fake pee. Continue reading to apprehend facts about Ultra-Pure synthetic urine.

What is Ultra-Pure Synthetic Pee?

Ultra-Pure Synthetic urine is a popular brand that has developed fake pee for over 20 years. The manufacturer of Ultra-Pure synthetic urine is known as Ultra Klean. The company develops a couple of detox products, which include detox shampoos, cleansing mouthwash, and single & multi-panel test kits. Ultra-Pure is one of its leading products. The company has a patent formula specifically for designing fake urine that mimics all types of natural human pee.

Many people have used this product in the past have gotten desirable results. Remember that brands do change from time to time. Some keep on improving their products while others do not. So, does it still work like before?

Ultra-Pure Synthetic Pee has an accurate pH balance, specific gravity, and balanced levels of creatinine and other compounds. The product also has uric acid and urea, which are essential components in urine. 

Ultra-Pure Synthetic Pee Ingredients

You need to know all the components of Ultra-Pure Synthetic Pee. The elements inside the urine are the ones that determine if you will pass or not. In general, Ultra-Pure Synthetic Pee has all the necessary ingredients that mimic human urine. This is a great attribute that all reliable fake urine must-have. The following are the elements that are present in Ultra-Pure Synthetic Pee.

 These elements are:

  • Accurate amounts of creatinine 
  • Balanced gravity 
  • Specific pH levels
  • Urea
  • Uric acid
  • Natural Urine Odor

 Here are further explanations of each of these components.

1. Creatinine

Using a fake urine brand like Ultra-Pure Synthetic Pee has taught many that the levels of creatinine in the sample should be around 15mg per kg of the body weight. If it does not meet this requirement, then your sample will be more diluted than natural human urine.

 2. Balanced gravity

Ultra-Pure Synthetic Pee has definite gravity, which is vital during the analysis. Balanced gravity shows that there is no alteration of the actual concentration of the constituent solids. Also, the density of Ultra-Pure Synthetic Pee in comparison to water should be on par with the administrator’s expectation. The gravity of your Ultra-Pure Synthetic Pee should be specified.

3. Color

The components of Ultra-Pure Synthetic Pee give the solution a distinctive urine color. The color of any synthetic urine must appear like that of real human pee. Normal human urine is normally yellowish. Also, everyone knows about the natural smell of human urine. Ultra-Pure Synthetic Pee maintains the smell like that of real pee.

5. The pH

The actual pH range of Ultra-Pure Synthetic Pee ranges between 4.6 and 8. This is the veracious range that displays in real human pee. Make sure you purchase original Ultra-Pure Synthetic Pee for better results.

What is inside the Ultra-Pure kit?

Always make sure that you buy synthetic urine from a designated reseller, whether online or locally. Buying from the official Ultra-Pure site is even more beneficial because you are sure of getting an original product. An original Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine kit comes with several add-ons for convenience in usage.

  1. The kit contains a 2oz Ultra-Pure bottle full of their patented fake pee solution. This amount of urine is enough to fill up a regular laboratory sample cup. Some Ultra-Pure kits contain 4oz bottles.
  2. A rubber band. A rubber band is useful in attaching the heating pad on the urine bottle and the jug to the body.
  3. One heating pad. You need to submit urine that has the same temperature as human pee to avoid suspicion from the drug test administrator. Apart from having a high-quality urine sample, you need to provide urine with the right temperature. Thus a heating pad helps to maintain the urine’s temperature after you heat in the microwave. The temperature of human pee ranges around 90 – 102 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Instruction manual.
  5. A flip-top cap that does not allow leakage. It also promotes pouring and storing.
  6. A temperature strip. This add-on helps you to monitor the temperature of the urine. Make sure you use the temperature strip before you pour the solution into the sample cup. 

Important cues for using ultra-pure fake urine

Always remember to consider these cues before cheating in a drug test using Ultra-Pure synthetic pee. Most people who complain that their Ultra-Pure synthetic pee did not work appropriately might have made the following mistakes.

  1. 1. The main reason why drug test administrators reject samples is wrong temperatures. Even original Ultra-Pure synthetic pee could fail you if you do not check on the temperature levels. This is the reason why Ultra-Klean provides a heating pad and a temperature strip for making accurate measurements before the submission of the sample.

The mighty have submitted Ultra-Pure synthetic pee without heating or ensuring it ranges around 90 – 102 F. The temperature is always the first thing an administer do immediately after you collect the sample in the sample cup. Anything below or above that range will cause an alarm. Make sure you use the heating pad properly and the temperature strip or gauge to take measurements from time to time for better results in a urinalysis exercise.


  1. 2. Buying from rogue Ultra-Pure synthetic pee retailers. 

The online platform is the best place to get fake urine without hassles easily. However, the internet has many fraudsters who will take advantage of you. Make sure you buy from a known reseller for original Ultra-Pure synthetic pee. The use of fake Ultra-Pure synthetic pee costs many people their jobs and reputation.

You can still buy from a legit seller but still fail in the test, the reason being you used an expired Ultra-Pure synthetic pee. Many people complain that selling platforms like Amazon and eBay sell expired Ultra-Pure synthetic pee. Be careful when using fake urine to cheat on a drug test. Do not store your fake pee for a long period. When you open the Ultra-Pure synthetic pee bottle, make sure you use it within the same week. 

Also, avoid overheating because it distorts the chemical composition of the formula. The best thing to do is to heat the sample in a microwave for a short period. It is overheating causes evaporations, which make the solution more concentrated. 

How to use Ultra-Pure synthetic urine

People who complain about Ultra-Pure synthetic urine are those Ones who either do not follow the instruction or buy a product that does not work. The best way to get the most of these products is by following the instructions.

Stick to the steps below for better results:

  • Shake the bottle properly to distribute the components of the formula uniformly. After shaking, microwave the solution for a maximum of 15 seconds.
  • Attach the temperature gauge to the bottle. Make sure that the sample reads 90 – 100F. Remember, the temperature should be accurate to avoid any suspicion. Use the heating pad for about 60 minutes to obtain the correct temperature. It maintains the heat for only 5 or 6 hours before it cools again.
  • Strap the Ultra-Pure synthetic urine bottle to your body. Keep it near the skin to help maintain the heat while you travel to the drug testing facility.
  • Before submitting the sample, make sure you recheck the temperature strip and ensure that the fake piss is still around 90 – 102F. If it does not read, it means it way too hot. Let it cool and shake well before pouring it to the sample cup gently. Stay calm and wait for the results.

Does Ultra-Pure urine work?

Failing in drug tests comes with its repercussions, but getting caught cheating is more disastrous. To help you avoid these harsh consequences, we shall give you an honest recommendation. Original Ultra-Pure synthetic urine works very well, but still, some people complain about it. The only disadvantage of Ultra-Pure synthetic urine is that their heating pad is not always reliable. This is probably the reason why some people fail in drug tests. 

Even if you use Quick Fix plus, which is currently the best in the market, you will still fail if you do not follow the instructions. Testing technologies are always advancing, but some brands do not advance their products to beat these developments. 

Ultra-Pure synthetic urine might be one of them because it still uses uric acid to mimic real urine. We, therefore, recommend that you use Quick Fix plus urine if you are not confident with this product. Ultimately, Ultra-Pure synthetic urine tests negative in normal lab examinations. 

How much does the solution cost? 

Ultra-Pure Synthetic urine is affordable and offers value. For instance, a 2oz bottle goes for only $24.99, which is not that bad compared to other brands. Do not, however, focus on price when it comes to buying fake pee for cheating in a drug test. The stake is too high to handle if you fail in a drug test. Do not take chances then.


Ultra Klean, which is the developer Ultra-Pure synthetic urine, promises surefire money-back guarantee on their products. You can easily purchase Ultra-Pure from online resellers or straight from the company’s official store. Remember to order when you are sure about shipping. Ultra Klean does not ship to states like Illinois, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and New Jersey.

If you are going for an intensive drug test, do not gamble with other brands apart from Quick fix Plus. Quick Fix is essentially the most reliable synthetic pee brand on the market. It is user-tested, and the reviews are positive all across the board. Its success rate is simply amazing, and we recommend that you use it in intense drug tests. 

Make sure you follow the instructions whether you are using Ultra-Pure synthetic urine or quick Fix plus synthetic urine. Without hesitation, quick Fix plus is the best alternative to Ultra-Pure synthetic urine. Ultra-Pure Synthetic urine has a medium success rate, and it is affordable compared to Quick fix plus.