UPass Synthetic Urine Comprehensive Review

The number of drug users, especially marijuana, is ever on the rise. Using drugs can be fun until it costs you a dream job or your reputation. Some employers prefer conducting impromptu drug tests to assess the kind of workers they have. 

On the other hand, athletes and weight lifters use illegal drugs to enhance their resilience. Getting cornered in an impromptu drug test can put you in a tricky situation. 

However, when you are aware of the upcoming drug test, you can always prepare yourself.


Most lab administrators conduct drug tests through urinalysis. This way of testing for drug use gives way for cheating. With urinalysis, you can cheat without getting caught. There are different ideal ways of cheating in a drug test, but not all tricks work. You can use another person’s urine, use detox pills, or use fake urine. Of all these tricks, the use of fake urine works best for most people. 

One of the common synthetic urine products in the market is Upass fake urine. Not all synthetic urine brands are equal. This guide will help to know if UPass is the best choice for passing a drug test.

What is Upass Synthetic urine?

 UPass is a popular brand in the synthetic urine market. Over the years, this brand has had a good reputation, although some reviewers patch it as an obsolete product. This review will offer honest and accurate appraisal in regards to everything engulfing UPass. 

The manufacturer has a new version of Upass urine known as UPass 8.4. So, do not rely on old reviews because those products are already out of stock. Read on to apprehend the new features of UPass, success rate, and get answers to your queries about this brand.

What Makes UPass Special?

 Human piss contains urea, uric acid, and creatinine. All these compounds are natural, and they are usually present at optimum concentrations. Fake urine brands try to mimic human urine, but most fail in using the right proportions. UPass contains all these elements allowing it to go unnoticed by drug test administrators. 

You always need to note that Upass was initially meant to be fetish urine.

Some people are into this sort of stuff, but the use of actual urine with all the toxins is not a healthy thing to go for. With UPass Synthetic urine, you can get down dirty without necessarily getting into any potential health concerns. 

So, UPass urine can mimic exactly the properties of human urine. But does it guarantee desirable results in a drug test? To answer this query, you must know what other elements are in the product.

What is in UPass Synthetic Urine?

If you have come directly to know what UPass can offer in the urinalysis process, you need to know its components. After all, its components are ones that determine if it will work or not. 

In general, UPass fake urine has got all the ingredients that make up human urine. This is a great characteristic of fake urine. So, here are the elements that you can find in Upass synthetic urine.

These elements are:

  • Accurate proportions of creatinine 
  • Definite gravity 
  • Balanced pH levels
  • Urea
  • Color
  • Natural Urine Odor

Here are further explanations of each of these components.

1. Creatinine

Using a product like UPass has taught many that the levels of creatinine in the sample should not go less than 15mg per kg of the body weight. If it does, then your urine sample will appear more diluted than natural urine.

2. Gravity

As for the definite gravity that is needed, it denotes the actual concentration of the solids and the density of Upass synthetic urine in comparison to water. The gravity of the sample should be definite.

3. Color

As for the color of synthetic piss, it must mimic that of real human pee. Normal human urine should have a yellowish color. Also, everyone knows about the natural smell of human urine. In the case of UPass, it has the same color and smell as real human piss. The manufacturer did this to avoid any suspicion about their samples. 

4. Urea

If you have read other reviews about other products, you might have seen urea in the ingredients category. What is urea, and what is its purpose in fake urine? Well, this is a chemical compound that most lab technicians will look for to confirm if the sample is real or fake. If your sample lacks the right amount of urea, the technicians will label it fake. Upass has the right amount of fake urea, which gives it the actual attributes of human urine. 

5. The pH

The actual pH range of UPass urine ranges around 4.6 to 8. This is the right range that every urine sample should have. Make sure you buy original Upass urine if you want to have a sample that ranges like real human pee.

Why should you go for UPass urine?

Here are the reasons why you should choose U-Pass over other brands like Magnum Detox and Xstream fake pee.

Not a Major Target for Labs

Upass is a popular brand but not as popular as Quick Fix urine. So lab technicians who will carry out the urinalysis will not focus on it so much. It is hard to tell if the urine is fake when one uses a quick fix. That is why these administrators carry out tests to catch those who present Quick Fix. So the chances of becoming a suspect when using Upass are narrow.

Created by Safeguard

The company that makes UPass has a good reputation for making the best fake pee products. Although some of their products failed some drug users, they still hold their position in the market. If you use their product properly, you will not fail in any drug test that involves urinalysis. 

Real Uric Acid

The presence of real uric acid gives UPass an upper hand. Its uric acid is always pre-mixed, which most lab technicians must test for. Another good thing is that it works for both many and women.

Remember that currently, UPass is not the best product in the fake urine market. It is better to go for quick fix plus urine if you want to pass the test.

What comes with the UPass Package?

Every original UPass kit has the following items:

  • 3 oz. of the urine solution 
  • Plastic bottle to help in reducing heat loss
  • A quality heating pad
  • A thermometer for determining the right temperatures
  • A rubber band for strapping the heating pad to the UPass bottle
  • A set of guidelines 

Where Can You Buy Original UPass Urine?

Most reviewers disregard this product without facts. They just discredit their efforts to help drug users avoid being in a fix-up in a urinalysis. What they do not tell the customers is that they need to buy Upass from legit stores. 

Most online fraudsters mimic Upass urine. Buy counterfeit UPass urine sample will obviously draw you to troubles, and later you will taint the name of the brand. It happens that UPass is one of the top brands that are often copied by fraudsters. You need to be keen on where you get your UPass urine. Otherwise, you will end up with a phony sample that will cost you a job if you are looking for one. 

Make sure you go to the official UPass page to see where you can order from. They will also provide you with a list of authorized retailers across the world. Ultimately, be careful about where you get your fake urine from especially when shopping online. 

Instructions for Using UPass to pass a Drug Test

UPass urine kit comes with all the necessary instructions. You need to be very careful when reading these instructions. Most people fail in their drug tests because they do not follow the simple instructions given. If the kit does not have instructions, that is not an original kit. Make sure your UPass urine kit has the instructions. Follow the steps below when using UPass synthetic urine.

First of all, you have to heat the sample before submitting it. This is important because all technicians are aware of cheating in urinalysis. They will immediately measure and register the temperature of the urine after you submit. 

Some nerd cheaters will submit cold fake urine and expect to pass. Your sample might have all the features that give it the human pee characteristics, but without the correct temperature, you will still fail. Make sure you heat the sample for 10 -14 seconds. Also, ensure the sample measure between 90 – 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Secondly, shake the sample thoroughly to mix the elements and distribute the heat evenly. Heating can alert the chemical arrangements of some compounds where some may clutter together. Mixing the sample properly will not only distribute the heat uniformly but also distribute the components uniformly. Use the temperature strip to confirm the temperature. 

The third step is to ensure that the sample maintains the temperature until you submit it. Make sure you heat the sample five or six hours before the test. The handwarmer can maintain the temperature for that long. It is good to put underneath your clothes for better heat maintenance. Make sure you check the temperature before you pour it to the sample cup. That is all!

FAQs about UPass Synthetic Urine

These are the answers to some of the common queries about UPass Synthetic Urine.

Is UPass Synthetic Urine unisex?

Not! UPass Synthetic Urine is universal and does not discriminate against gender. Both men and women can use UPass Synthetic Urine and pass in their tests. UPass Synthetic Urine does not discriminate against sex, or lifestyle one leads.

Does the solution go bad?

UPass Synthetic Urine is only good for one year. Make sure you buy the solution when you are about to go to the drug test. Using an expired solution will put you in danger of testing positive in a drug test. It loses its effectiveness as it ages. 

Can you add other stuff to the UPass solution?

No! Never contaminate any synthetic urine if you want to pass a drug test. UPass Synthetic Urine already has what it needs. Adding foreign materials may destroy its physical and chemical characteristics. 

Can you refrigerate UPass?

Do not refrigerate this solution! Some reviews recommend that you froze the solution to add its shelf life. This is not advisable, especially when you want to pass a drug test. Fake urine has delicate elements that can change easily. You need to avoid overheating and freezing the solution for better results.

Can you reheat U Pass urine again?

Yes! You can reheat U Pass again if the temperature has not reached the threshold. You need to make sure that you avoid reheating too much often. Overheating causes evaporation, and the solution becomes concentrated, which causes suspicion in a lab examination.

What is UPass Synthetic Urine Success Rate?

Average! The reason being, in the past, UPass, has had variegated results. Many users do complain about the product while another significant number of reports show that it works. Most marijuana users who use UPass Synthetic Urine have nothing to complain about. The negative cases may come from people who buy from fake resellers or do not follow the instruction properly. 80% of UPass 8.4 Synthetic Urine users rate the product positively. If you doubt the solution, you can try other great alternatives like quick luck and quick fix.

Final Words on UPass

The new UPass 8.2 has a high success rate though it will take some time for people to develop confidence in the solution. Despite UPass Synthetic Urine’s branding, it is originally a fetish product. Therefore, you should not trust it in extreme tests like in doping and other hard drug tests. We can confirm that marijuana users can benefit from UPass Synthetic Urine impressively. 

If you want an assured result, go for the Quick Fix 6.2. It is thoroughly tested, and it has universal positive reviews according to most users.