X-Stream Synthetic Urine Comprehensive Review

Fake piss or synthetic urine, as most people call it, came into the commercial space accidentally. The laboratory developed urine was meant for experiments in manufacturing companies. Then the developers of this solution monetized it by giving stoners a solution to their drug test nightmare. From this, many companies sprout up, including X-Stream urine.

Some failed while others stood out from the rest. As more upcoming brands market their urine, it becomes hard for a stoner to choose the best sample for passing a drug test. Of course, there are a couple of ways to pass a urinalysis test, including the use of Detox pills and drinks and using another person’s urine. These two may not be appropriate, especially when one is not ready for the test. 

X-stream dedicates its resources to developing synthetic urine that suits everyone who is desperately trying to pass a drug test. In this review, we shall look into this brand and help you to decide whether you should use it to cheat or not. Continue reading the facts below.

The Chemical Structure of X-Stream Urine?

To understand this product in detail, you have to comprehend what exactly is X-Stream synthetic urine. In this case, you need to begin with, X-Stream synthetic urine is a common fake pee brand that develops urine that mimics real human piss. The urine is applicable in repelling small animals, but it is mainly for cheating in a drug test exercise.

So, if you fear losing your job or reputation due to drug use, you can use X-Stream synthetic urine instead of your piss. But is it possible to use X-Stream fake pee and pass a test when you are an avid stoner? Does X-Stream urine work in real life? How do you prepare X-Stream urine for desirable results? All the answers to these and many more common queries about X-Stream urine are addressed herein. 

We shall also give you our opinions and alternatives to X-Stream urine to help you make an informed decision. 

A standard fake urine sample should have a well-balanced set of elements that are present in human pee. X-Stream urine has a properly balanced pH, specified gravity, creatinine, urea, uric acid, amino acids, and proteins. What makes X-Stream synthetic urine different from most of the other options is that it smells exactly as human pee. The only lower hand for this solution, unlike a top brand like quick fix urine, is that it is a single-use only. Some brands support reheating, which is nonexistent in the X-Stream urine brand.

Should You Trust in x-stream Synthetic Pee?

You have probably seen several reviews stating that X-Streams urine is not reliable when other reviewers say it works perfectly. Most of the legit and well known fake pee developers are after providing their customers with working products. One of these brands is X-Stream fake urine. For all top brands, they work the same, even though the method of preparation varies. 

Several factors come in to play when determining if a given brand works as needed. In this case, x-stream synthetic pee works for those who strictly follow the instructions. For instance, you cannot reheat x-stream synthetic urine for more than two times and expect to pass in your upcoming drug test. 

You must adhere to the directives provided by the manufacturer. Most people fail in their tests because they buy from illegitimate suppliers. You must be aware of the fraudsters that use the top brand to con unnoticing buyers. Therefore, x-stream synthetic pee can only work for you if you buy from a legitimate seller and follow the instructions of preparing the sample. 

Why should you choose X-Stream synthetic urine over other brands?

X-Stream synthetic urine may not be the best in the market, but it works perfectly, just like other top brands. The brand is intentionally a fetish urine brand, and the manufacturer makes this known to its customers. For instance, their premium x-stream synthetic urine (version X.11.0) has had such a huge success since its injection to the market.

In general, x-stream synthetic urine is most people’s favorite because it has the same smell as real urine. It also toxins free. So, there are minimum chances that foreign materials are going to be found in a lab examination. It is as well easy to use since it is already in liquid form. All you need is to heat it and preserve the heat until you submit it in the sample cup.

A 3 fluid oz x-stream synthetic sample is unisex, meaning anyone can use regardless of their sex. 

Does x-stream synthetic urine expire?

X-Stream synthetic urine comes in solution form, unlike brands that offer you powder, which is difficult to mix appropriately. Most powder brands have only seven days before they go bad. With liquid x-stream synthetic urine, you can store it for more than 12 months. It is imperative to purchase it when you are ready to go for a drug test. For those who have impromptu tests, they can always buy and store them for the right time to come. 

Make sure you buy your x-stream synthetic urine from a reseller that is known for selling fresh fake piss. Expire x-stream synthetic urine will alter the outcomes, and there is a high chance that you will fail in a drug test with expired fake pee. So the answer to this query is that; yes, it does! But it takes a longer period compared to powdered fake urine brands.

What does the x-stream synthetic pee kit contain?

The x-stream synthetic urine kit comes with a container that carries the synthetic pee. On the container, there is a temperature strip that gives the heat measurements. You should use this gauge to measure the temperature and ensure that you submit urine, which has the same temperature as human urine to avoid suspicion.

Urine components like urea undergo exothermic reactions after oxidation, which results in an increment of the temperature. Since human beings are warm-blooded things, they must excrete urine that has a specified range of heat. 

Typically, the human pee ranges between 90°F to 102°F. X-Stream synthetic urine kit also comes with a warmer that can maintain the heat for about five hours. You can as well use a digital temperature gauge to check the sample’s temperatures before submitting for urinalysis. 

The main ingredients in x-stream synthetic urine 

A good urine brand must have the main components that are present in real humans. These elements should be available in specific proportions to avoid suspicion from the drug test administrator. Not all fake urine brands have the same ingredients and in the same amount.

Some fake urine solutions might have more sodium concentrations than others. This brings the difference in the outcomes. The most important ingredients in fake urine are urea and uric acid. They should be in a balanced proportion to avoid suspicion.

Water is the main component of fake urine. Thus the developer should balance the solutes to make a perfect solution that will mimic the characteristics of real human urine. In this case, x-stream synthetic urine has amino acids, creatinine, proteins, sodium phosphate, sodium chloride, urea, and uric acid.

The only way to tell if the urine mimics the exact attributes of human urine is by looking at the color and the smell. X-Stream synthetic urine contains all these components, and it smells exactly as real pee.

Where can you buy original x-stream synthetic urine? 

The ready market is full of fake synthetic urine brands. Most fraudsters make their substandard solutions and package them almost exactly as x-stream synthetic urine and other top brands. You must be wary of this development in the fake urine market to avoid falling for these scammers. The only sure way to buy genuine x-stream synthetic urine kit is to get it from a designated reseller. 

The best place to get genuine x-stream synthetic urine is the internet, and still, it is the place swarmed with fake solutions that mimic it. If you have chosen x-stream synthetic urine to make sure you visit x-stream’s official page to see which reseller is legit.

What is the cost of x-stream synthetic urine?

A 3 oz bottle of x-stream synthetic urine costs around $20. The reason why we are saying around $20 is that resellers set their preferable price tags depending on the economics surrounding their business. So, the same x-stream synthetic kit can cost less or more than that. The best way to get the most from your money is to buy from a legitimate retailer.

X-stream synthetic urine vs. Quick Fix Plus

Currently, Quick Fix Plus rules the fake urine market. That is why it is important to compare the two. So, the best alternative to x-stream synthetic urine is Quick Fix Plus fake urine. Both x-stream synthetic urine is Quick Fix Plus is unisex and works perfectly. 

However, Quick Fix Plus fake urine turns out to be the best brand if you want to pass the drug test. That does not make X-Stream an Obsolete fake urine brand. Quick Fix Plus is, however, more expensive than x-stream synthetic urine because it is a sure bet compared to the latter. It costs around $40, which is $20 more than what x-stream synthetic urine costs in an average retail shop. You can order both brands from their official stores at a convenient time.

Frequently asked questions on x-stream synthetic urine.

What is its shelf life?

All fake urine brands can go bad. Since x-stream synthetic urine is in liquid form, it can last up to 12 months. Although the manufacturer does not post its expiry date, it still expires. Make sure you buy from a retailer that you trust because sites like eBay sell expired solutions.

Can it be reheated over and over?

For better results, do not keep reheating x-stream synthetic urine. Make sure you reheat it only once before you submit it for analysis. Overheating can cause evaporation, which increases the concentration of the elements that make it up.

Do you need a hideaway leg strap?

You do not need it! However, it comes in handy. You do not want to behave awkwardly when submitting because they will notice that and focus on you. You need to put under your pants for easier submission. Make sure you measure the temperature before submitting it for the analysis.

Can X-Stream still work after heating under high temperatures?

No, it may not work when heated under very high temperatures. When water evaporates, the concentration of the ingredients raises, thus causing suspicions hence failing in a drug tets. The best thing to do is to heat it in the microwave for only 10 -15 seconds. Make sure you shake it well to distribute the heat evenly.

Can you freeze X-Stream?

Yes, unlike a fake urine brand like UPass, you can refrigerate X-Stream urine. Freezing it in a fridge can help to maximize its chockfull potential. Make sure you avoid defrosting it more often. Doing this repeatedly alters its gravity, which may cost you in the test.

Can you buy X-Stream in a chain store?

No, x-stream synthetic urine is not sold in chain stores. Also, be careful when buying it only. Make sure you only get it from designated resellers.

Is x-stream synthetic urine worth buying?

From the above explanation, you can see that x-stream synthetic urine has high value for your hard-earned cash. It is, therefore, imperative to invest in it because it is cheap and offers desirable results when used correctly. You can ask people around you that have used it for their opinions. Based on our research, it is worth investing in. But if you are not convinced, you should go for a much superior product called Quick Fix Plus. 

Final Verdict

X-Stream synthetic urine has been around for a couple of years, and the manufacturer is always introducing new versions of the X-Stream pee. The best you can do for yourself during a drug test is to be sure of the product. Yes, x-stream synthetic urine works but it is not as good as Quick Fix plus Urine. Order your Quick Fix Plus urine from their official store for the best results.